Bail Bonds – Surprising Facts You May Not Know

When a friend or family member is arrested, it can be a breath-holding minute as you try to understand the implications. If you are like most people, you do not have unlimited monies to run to the court and pay the large amount of cash required to post bail. That is why bail bonds can be so helpful because they are simple loans offered by a bonding company. Here are some surprising facts about bail bonds.

The Missing States

If you are in Colorado and happen to need 24 hour bail bonds Denver County CO, you can probably find a bondsman without much problem. But there are eight states that currently do not allow bail bonds because they are lending institutions that are limited in those states. So, stay out of trouble in Kentucky and Oregon!

The 8th Amendment

There is an amendment to the constitution dealing with bail bonds – the eighth amendment. In times past, fines could be randomly set for huge amounts, and the repayment of bail could become quite horrific, cruel, and detrimental to individuals. To remedy that, the Constitution of the United States demands that bail amounts be reasonable.

The Bounty Hunter

If you obtain a high amount bail bond in California, but leave before the case is settled, chances are you should begin looking behind you wherever you go. Defendants that run from the court system and cross state lines can be pursued by a bounty hunter. Not only that, but the bounty hunter is not limited to the same laws as the police are, so he or she can legally break into the defendant’s home or apartment in order to arrest him or her.

The bail bond industry has grown in recent years, and chances are if you need to find a bondsman, there is probably one in your town. If you or one of your loved ones does obtain a bond, keep the above three facts in mind.