Reasons You Need a Family Law Attorney

Whether you’re going through a divorce or considering adopting a new baby, family law attorneys can be very beneficial for a number of reasons. Because they are more family-focused, they are able to help you with a variety of problems that an attorney without a family law specialty may not be able to help with.

Becoming a Guardian

If you want guardianship, who better to go to than a family-oriented lawyer? The guardianship process can be very time-consuming and is often confusing for some. A family law attorney Columbia MD can help you through the paperwork to keep you from becoming too stressed.


When a couple separates, it can be very challenging. Reaching an agreement on the separation of property or how to take care of the kids may seem impossible for some couples. If you don’t want to go to court and want to talk things through rationally, a family law attorney is your best bet.

Child Custody Cases

Your child’s well-being should be the most important factor, even during a separation or divorce. You and your ex will need to determine who will have custody of the kids and when the other parent will have visitation. A traditional lawyer likely won’t have the passion for your case that a family law attorney would.


Adopting a child is a huge step for your family. You want the child to be in a safe environment with your family, but the steps to get there can feel overwhelming. A family law attorney can help you get the family you deserve.


When someone dies, he or she often leaves behind a will, which gives possessions to friends and family. If you need help setting up a will, a family law attorney can assist you. A will is an important thing to have, especially if you have a large estate.

While other lawyers care about the bottom line, a family law attorney cares about the person behind that bottom line. You are more than just a number. Let a family law attorney help you today.…

Workers’ Compensation 101

Finding yourself in the hospital or at the doctor because of something that happened at work is more than aggravating. It may be painful and costly, depending on the circumstances surrounding the details.

How does health insurance work when dealing with a work injury? You may think you are responsible for paying. However, iowa workers compensation laws allow claims to be filed with an employer’s insurance carrier. Workers’ compensation may seem like a scary process, but knowing the basics can help you prepare for an unfortunate situation.

Reporting an Injury

To kickstart the workers’ compensation process, you need to alert your supervisor or the human resources department of your injury. Some injuries are severe and will not afford you the chance to at first. In these emergency situations, your employer is probably already aware of the incident. However, you still need to give a formal account of what happened at your earliest opportunity. It is not enough to tell your company that you got hurt. You must have a medical report from a doctor or care facility documenting the injuries or illness. A workers’ compensation claim cannot be opened without a medical report.

Opening a Claim

Once you report the injury, the employer is responsible for contacting their insurance carrier to open a claim. After this, an adjuster is typically assigned. This person’s job is to investigate the events leading up to the injury thoroughly. Some of the things an adjuster will do include:

  • Interviewing the injured employer
  • Investigating any personnel issues on file
  • Speaking to witnesses to the incident
  • Obtaining and reviewing medical records

During this process, the carrier may start paying medical providers for your treatment. You may even qualify for disability payments to supplement your income.

Suffering an injury is never convenient. The workers’ compensation claims process is something that you may want to get help with trying to get through, so you get the best possible outcome.…

5 Top Reasons Pedestrians Get Hit by Automobiles

You often hear about cars hitting one another, resulting in a minor injury to one of the car’s occupants. But how often do you hear about a car hitting a pedestrian that results in only a minor injury? That is because the human body it filled with water, muscles, and bones that easily break; and while an estimated 70,000 people were hit by cars last year, almost 5,000 died, and the number continues to grow. Here are the top five reasons pedestrians get hit by automobiles.


Drivers and pedestrians should both follow the no-texting rule, but when one decides to use their cellphone to text, change music selections, or choose a new podcast, the result can be deadly. Paying attention to the road, whether you are on foot, skateboard, bicycle, or driving can save someone’s life.


Whether it is alcohol or another foreign substance that alters the senses, driving under the influence can change many lives in a single moment. The same is true for pedestrians that have lost their sense of reference due to drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you love becomes a victim, contact a personal injury Tampa attorney for information on what you can do to fight back.


Over 70 percent of the accidents that happen between pedestrians and vehicles occur at night, and the majority of the people that were hit were wearing dark clothing. Campaigns have long marketed reflective clothing for bikers, but little has been said about what pedestrians or nightwalkers should wear to protect themselves.


Drivers are responsible for coming to a full stop at a right-hand turn unless the light is green. That is why the number of times a person is hit while stepping into the crosswalk is surprising. Although the driver may believe they have the right of way, the pedestrian should be given access to cross before the driver turns. Inattention can result in a deadly situation.


Ice, rain, snow, sleet, and fog can all attribute to a driver’s inability to see and safely navigate around a pedestrian. In fact, there are many times the vehicle is unable to stop because of the weather such as black ice or water coated oil patches. Walking in fog can also be dangerous for pedestrians, even with reflective clothing.

Both driver and pedestrian negligence can result in a serious or deadly accident. If you have questions about what your rights are after an accident, contact an attorney.…

ACL Injuries and Workers Compensation


When you are working throughout the week, you are expecting to the end week on a good note and return home to your family every evening. With this said, many people experience injuries every so often while they are working. This is especially true for professional athletes who are exerting force on the body of each game. During the NBA playoffs, Kevin Durant injured his ACL due to overexerting his authority throughout the season. An ACL injury is challenging to diagnose readily, but one of the critical signs involves feeling like getting hit in the back of your leg. When analysts watched the replay of this injury repeatedly, they saw him look back at his leg as if he had been hit in this area. Many people accurately predicted this injury, and he is slated to miss the entire NBA season next year. More than likely, your job does not require this amount of physical activity. If you have experienced a similar injury in the Portland, OR area, you may be eligible for torn ACL workers comp settlement Portland OR.


Working with a Workers Compensation Attorney


When you tear an ACL, a workers compensation attorney will be able to help you receive an agreeable settlement. With this said, they will determine how severe the injury is and how much your employer is willing to pay. The severity of the damage is mostly tied to how it occurred while you are working. Slipping and falling will most likely result in a small tear of the ACL. However, if you fall off of a ladder and tear your ACL, you will be in a world of pain. ACL injuries are unusual because many people can apply pressure on the injured leg right after this occurs. In this case, your employer will likely wish to settle before going to trial.…

The 5 Stages of Mediation During a Divorce


Rather than endure a long, drawn out divorce, many people seek mediation. During the process, an agreed upon third party officiates as you and your spouse discuss unresolved issues. This settlement process usually takes on the following five stages.


Stage 1


During this stage, your divorce lawyer Orlando FL, and your spouse’s attorney give a brief statement, information is passed to the mediator, and issues are brought to light. The mediator may then discuss his or her expectations, offer suggestions on possible settlements or agreements, and set a time for further discussion.


Stage 2


The second stage is often filled with facts, figures, and laws. Both parties will be asked to submit missing documents or paperwork that is in question. As the documents are presented, the mediator may make legal conclusions as to their value. If expert opinions are needed for special needs children or long-term care of a disabled spouse, this stage may require an additional meeting.


Stage 3


The mediator begins identifying the issues, concerns, and special interests of each party as he or she makes decisions for many of the facts the parties can almost agree upon. As you and your spouse begin to understand the foundation of each of your goals and priorities, compromises can begin on the smaller details in question.


Stage 4


Negotiation is often the most difficult stage to get through because some parties do not want to give up any of their perceived control. The mediator helps both see there are options and identify which is best for the long-term future of both individuals and the children, if any.


Stage 5


Once both parties have agreed to fair settlement of all issues and properties in questions, the agreement can be put onto paper and offered to the parties for review. Once officially agreed upon, the document can be formalized and filed with the court as an uncontested divorce.

Mediators are valuable court officials that can help parties understand they do have options. If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, try mediation.…

The Difference Between Drug Possession and Possession with Intent to Sell

While many drug laws are changing throughout the U.S. at the state level, most recreational drugs are still illegal under federal law. The most common of these are marijuana, cocaine, LSD, MDMA, and heroin, but they also include abuse of controlled substances without a prescription. If you are arrested on drug possession charges Fairfax va, one of the most important distinctions to understand is the difference between possession and possession with intent to sell.


What is Drug Possession?


You can be charged with drug possession if you have an illegal or controlled substance on your person, either holding it, keeping it in a pocket or shoe, or attempting to hide it in a body cavity. But to be brought up on drug possession charges Fairfax va, the drugs do not have to be on your person. If they are in your car or even home, you can be charged.


What is Possession with Intent to Sell?


Possession with intent to sell is a more serious offense. While it’s impossible for authorities to know and prove that you intend to sell or distribute drugs illegally to others, you can be charged if evidence supports that theory. Usually, this means you either have packing materials typically associated with drug dealing nearby, or you have a bulk amount of drugs that can reasonably be expected to be for more than just personal use.


An Important Point


You cannot face drug possession charges Fairfax va with intent to sell if you do not have the drugs on your person or close enough in proximity for them to be under your control. If authorities merely suspect you are about to receive drugs to sell them, they cannot charge you until those drugs arrive and are in your control.

Federally, the sentencing guidelines dictate far more severe punishments for people charged with possession with intent to sell.…

Navigating the Legal System

Finding out your loved one has been arrested is sometimes hard to grasp. Without any experience in the situation, you may be confused and stressed over what to do and where to turn. There are no easy solutions to facing a trial, but here are some steps you can take to be prepared for whatever happens.

Find Out About Release

After an individual is arrested, they will be taken to a local or country jail. At the time of their booking, they are generally given the option to post bail and avoid spending time in jail until the results of the trial. The Allegheny County Jail bail bonds process can take place once a bail amount is set. The bail amount due is a percentage of the total bond amount that has been established by the charge. Release usually occurs within two hours of processing the paperwork.

Follow Release Restrictions

If you have posted bail for your loved one, there may be stipulations associated with their release. There may be a tracking or monitoring device, there might be driving and travel restrictions, and there may be mandatory check-ins for the defendant. Check with the bondsman about any requirements so the bail isn’t forfeited and revoked. This could lead to another arrest warrant, and create more legal issues and longer sentence.

Retain Legal Counsel

Chances are you will need a lawyer for the upcoming trial. If you or the defendant do not have the funds to retain private counsel, you can petition the court for a public defender. It is their job to assume control of the case, but you can work with them by providing all documentation necessary and attending each hearing. Stay aware of the proceedings and confer with counsel about the best options for resolving the case.

It won’t be easy navigating an arrest and the legal system, but there are times when you have no choice in order to support your loved one. Stay calm and reach out to professionals who can help you make it through the process.…

Bail Bonds – Surprising Facts You May Not Know

When a friend or family member is arrested, it can be a breath-holding minute as you try to understand the implications. If you are like most people, you do not have unlimited monies to run to the court and pay the large amount of cash required to post bail. That is why bail bonds can be so helpful because they are simple loans offered by a bonding company. Here are some surprising facts about bail bonds.

The Missing States

If you are in Colorado and happen to need 24 hour bail bonds Denver County CO, you can probably find a bondsman without much problem. But there are eight states that currently do not allow bail bonds because they are lending institutions that are limited in those states. So, stay out of trouble in Kentucky and Oregon!

The 8th Amendment

There is an amendment to the constitution dealing with bail bonds – the eighth amendment. In times past, fines could be randomly set for huge amounts, and the repayment of bail could become quite horrific, cruel, and detrimental to individuals. To remedy that, the Constitution of the United States demands that bail amounts be reasonable.

The Bounty Hunter

If you obtain a high amount bail bond in California, but leave before the case is settled, chances are you should begin looking behind you wherever you go. Defendants that run from the court system and cross state lines can be pursued by a bounty hunter. Not only that, but the bounty hunter is not limited to the same laws as the police are, so he or she can legally break into the defendant’s home or apartment in order to arrest him or her.

The bail bond industry has grown in recent years, and chances are if you need to find a bondsman, there is probably one in your town. If you or one of your loved ones does obtain a bond, keep the above three facts in mind.…