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4 Recent Trends in Family Law

For hundreds of years, families were considered the cornerstone of society. Laws surrounding family life were taken very seriously, and family dynamics were almost sacred. In recent years, however, laws concerning almost every facet of domestic life have changed or are in the process of changing. Here are four recent trends in family law.

Custody Changes

Once, not long ago, attorneys in The Law Offices of Dwight W. Clark, L.L.C. could tell you the mother would get custody in a divorce, but that is no longer the case. Recent trends lean toward granting fathers custody of the children almost 20 percent of the time. The numbers may continue to rise, meaning more fathers are taking their parental role very seriously.

Care of Children

As added pressure builds on parents, and marriages break apart, more grandparents are taking responsibility for the raising and nurturing of their grandchildren. Some of the reasons courts award relatives full custody may include parental neglect, substance abuse, or incarceration. However, many parents are willingly giving up custodial rights because they do not want the responsibility that raising children entails.

Alimony Differences

Not long ago, men were seen as the breadwinners and women as the reliant caregivers. That is no longer the case because both men and women are now identified as equal providers in the home. For that reason, alimony is no longer awarded strictly to women; in fact, men often ask for alimony if their wives made more money than they did while in the marriage.

Uncommon Relationships

Live-in partners are becoming more common as couples define their relationships outside the restrictions of society’s conventions. Adoption between same-sex and unmarried partners is also becoming more accepted. The uncommon relationships may not legally bind adults and children, but the emotional attachment is certainly there.

Family law will continue to evolve as families, couples, and relationships within society change. The courts may be slow in evolving, but these trends are already standard within most jurisdictions across the United States.…

Types of Divorce in Florida

Deciding on splitting up after any length of time together is not easy. Even if the writing is on the wall, it is difficult to accept that the marriage is over. With this undercurrent of emotion feeding it, you and your spouse may start to talk about what a post-marital life looks like for each of you. Perhaps you can resolve your issues relatively quickly – or you can’t agree on anything and know you’ll need help. In Florida, there are two different divorce filings that both ultimately lead to a legal uncoupling.

1. Uncontested

You and your spouse may be ready to settle things quickly and amicably. Perhaps you understood that growing apart doesn’t necessarily need to result in fighting over who gets what. If you and your spouse:

  • Agree on all matters
  • Have no children under the age of 18
  • Are not currently pregnant

You may qualify for an uncontested divorce tampa known as a simplified dissolution of marriage. Going this route puts your case on a fast track to a final divorce decree.

2. Contested

The standard divorce filing is the regular dissolution of marriage or a contested divorce. This means the parties do not agree, have children and probably will not be able to agree without the help and guidance of the court or a trained mediator. These divorce proceedings can be highly charged and cause significant emotional turmoil to all parties involved, including children. Therefore, if at all possible, the best route is the one where you and your spouse can work out some agreement with the help of your attorneys without the warfare.

Getting a divorce over with as quickly and with as little conflict as possible is best for all involved. Even if you have children and go through a regular dissolution of marriage, it is possible to keep your emotions in check and maintain realistic expectations. Doing so is the best thing for everyone involved.…

What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need?

There are many different specialties in the legal field. If you want to become a lawyer, knowing the differences can help you decide which path to choose. If you are in need of a lawyer, you will need to connect with the correct lawyer to help with your specific problem.

Family Law

Family law is a branch of the legal system that deals with anything family related. This is especially important for protecting the rights of children in families going through difficulties, such as divorce. However, these lawyers also handle marriages and civil unions. Additional responsibilities of family law include adoption procedures, including parent surrogacy, and issues of paternity. Finally, troubled children can find themselves in need of a family lawyer to handle delinquencies, offenses, and emancipation.

Real Estate Law

Purchasing a piece of property can be a lengthy process. Part of the issue is determining the full line of ownership to guarantee no future claims against the land or buildings. This is where real estate lawyers come in handy. Their primary job is to ensure that all legal aspects of property transferral are done. While real estate agents can handle many of these tasks, to ensure a proper title transfer, you should secure the services of a real estate law firm austin tx.

Criminal Law

People who break the law will often need the help of a criminal law attorney. This could be something as simple as trespassing or as difficult as theft or murder. A good criminal lawyer will do everything in his or her power within the law to help mitigate, reduce, or dismiss the complaint. While some of the best movies and shows have been based on criminal law, the daily life of a criminal attorney may not be as exciting as depicted.

At some point, most people will require the services of an attorney. It’s important to pick the right legal representation for your issue. If you want to become a lawyer, you should enter the field that seems most interesting to you.…

Het Stoppen Van Het Ongeluk Om U Te Beïnvloeden


Helaas, hoe hard je ook probeert door te gaan met een auto-ongeluk, het kan lijken alsof het heel moeilijk is om alles te vergeten. Afhankelijk van hoe zwaar je motorcrash was, had je mogelijk te maken met een aantal moeilijke gebeurtenissen na de crash. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld te maken krijgen met de fysieke pijn van je ongevalletsels. Sommige ongevalletsels kunnen zo ernstig zijn dat u uiteindelijk de rest van uw leven kunt terugkrijgen. Er zijn veel mensen die zwaar zijn gewond bij een zware crash en die decennia lang revalidatie hebben moeten ondergaan en nog steeds een handicap hebben. Volgens Driver Knowledge lopen elk jaar meer dan 2 miljoen mensen elk jaar in de Verenigde Staten ernstige blijvende letsels op. Studies tonen ook aan dat er in Amerika meer dan 90 mensen zijn die uiteindelijk elke dag hun leven verliezen door een motorongeluk in het land. Een ongeluk kan zeker zoveel negatieve veranderingen in je leven veroorzaken en ook in het leven van degenen die je omringen. Daarom wilt u, om te voorkomen en of te voorkomen dat het ongeval een negatieve invloed op uw leven heeft, zeker positieve veranderingen aanbrengen door hulp te krijgen van een gekwalificeerde letseladvocaat.

Een letseladvocaat krijgen is misschien wel een van je beste en enige opties om verlichting te krijgen van je motorcrash. Nadat u betrokken bent geweest bij een motorongeval, kunt u alleen een aantal negatieve gebeurtenissen verwachten. Als u bijvoorbeeld bij een ongeval zwaar gewond bent geraakt en een aantal lichamelijke letsels hebt opgelopen, is de kans groot dat u mogelijk geen baan meer heeft. Volledig werkloos zijn, kan ervoor zorgen dat je financiële problemen en een aantal psychologische uitdagingen ervaart. Degenen die zo zwaar gewond zijn geraakt door een motorongeval, zijn nooit in staat geweest om terug te keren naar hun werk, waardoor ze een gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen voelen en ook een gebrek aan doel in het leven; later een depressie ontwikkelen. Volgens de CDC krijgen gemiddeld meer dan 2 miljoen Amerikanen te maken met verwondingen door auto-ongelukken die permanent worden en hen voor hun hele leven kunnen treffen. Je wilt er alles aan doen om te voorkomen dat het ongeluk je en je gezin negatief beïnvloedt.

Gelukkig kun je positieve vorderingen maken door een letseladvocaat te krijgen om je te helpen. Er is altijd een bedrijf of een persoon die aansprakelijk kan worden gesteld voor de oorzaken van het ongeval. Daarom wil je proberen een advocaat te krijgen om je te helpen bepalen wie je verantwoordelijk kunt houden en wie je kunt betalen voor alle verliezen die je hebt moeten maken. U kunt proberen om wat onderzoek op internet uit te voeren om uw lokale letsel- of ongevallenadvocaat te vinden door te zoeken op: letselschadevergoeding

Vergeet niet dat je leven kan lijken alsof er niets aan het verbeteren is. Wanneer u echter een goed opgeleide advocaat voor ongevallen hebt kunnen inhuren, kunt u mogelijk een zaak winnen waarmee u en uw gezin geld krijgen. Jij en je familie kunnen de uitdagingen en ontberingen waarmee je te maken krijgt verminderen als je een financiële compensatie kunt krijgen om te helpen.…

Top Reasons To Hire A Trademark Attorney

Whenever someone mentions the word attorney/lawyer, the first thing that comes to the minds of many are well-dressed men and women, driving flashy cars and facing each other aggressively in court. While there is some degree of truth in their imagination, it is essential to keep in mind there are well dressed, highly qualified attorneys who never hit the courtroom. Such attorneys are what your business needs most. An excellent example of attorneys in this category are trademark lawyers. Here is all you need to know about them and how they can be of great benefit for your business

Who is a trademark attorney?


Just as the name suggests, this is an attorney who practices trademark law. An attorney practicing in this realm offers advice regarding the adoption and selection of new trademarks, the use, and registration, as well as handles revocation, oppositions, and invalidations of trademarks.

How can a trademark attorney help you?


The trademark process is usually long and quite confusing. Hiring any minneapolis mn trademark attorney trademark attorney can help you go through the process with ease by helping you navigate the complicated process.

It is, however, essential to note that you can handle the process yourself. You do not need an attorney to help you with the process as you can always apply online. Nevertheless, while managing the process will help you save money, the chances of getting your trademark approved are quite low.

Helps with a trademark search

There are thousands of businesses opening daily. Most of the entrepreneurs behind these new entities often go the extra mile of trademarking their businesses. This means that another ambitious entrepreneur might have already trademarked an idea you had in mind.

Having an attorney while you go through the process is a good idea as he/she will search to confirm whether you can still use your trademark. This saves you the time and headache you would have gone through after applying for a logo that is already in use.


Helps you in case you are sued or you want to sue


As noted, there are millions of trademarks made every day. Just like you would have made the mistake of using someone’s trademark unknowingly, so can another person. Instead of dealing with the issue yourself, you can request your trademark attorney to act and handle the issue the legal way.

On the other hand, you can find yourself being accused of infringing someone’s trademark. Here an attorney comes in handy as he/she represents you and works in your best interests hence preventing such scenarios from tarnishing the name of your business.

Deals with USPTO

As mentioned earlier, filing a trademark application is easy, but getting it to be approved is no walk in the park. When you submit it with your attorney, you not only stand high chances of getting approval but also you have someone to respond to USPTO if your request is denied.

Making Your life Easier With a Personal Injury Attorney


No one ever plans for an accident to happen to them or a loved one, but we all know it can happen at unexpected times and at the worst possible moment. In order to soften the blow of how much an injury can put you in financial debt, the best thing you can do for yourself is being prepared with a personal injury attorney rancho cucamonga ca. By being prepared with an attorney, you can save yourself stress, get full compensation from the accident, and have someone that is knowledgeable to your situation which is one of the most important aspects of dealing with court proceedings.

Staying Stress-Free

Although stress comes with any injury, the most important thing is to eliminate all the stress you possibly can. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you can save yourself the stress from filling out paperwork, dealing with the district attorney, and trying to figure out how court proceedings work. If you do not seek help from an attorney, you will find yourself weighed down with all of the stress that comes with any court case that involves compensation for an accident that happened at work or in your vehicle.

Getting Full Compensation

When you are fighting a personal injury on your own, you will find that you will get less of the amount for compensation than if you would have taken the time to hire an attorney for the matter. Every attorney is trained to go after the other party and get you every last penny that you deserve. This involves a large amount of paperwork and the skills to present the information in a professional way so that the judge will be more apt to see all of the evidence clearly due to your lawyer’s organization and knowledge of personal injuries.

Knowledge is Power

Everyone knows that knowledge is power and when it comes to winning a, it is extremely important. You can try to fight the case alone but with the help from an attorney, you will never have to question laws relating to your case or become disorganized in your thoughts from trying to prepare for your upcoming court date. People sometimes feel that their lawyer is not putting forth enough effort on their case but in all reality, their knowledge with your situation is all you truly need to win your case.

The benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney outweigh fighting the case on your on by having someone with the correct amount of knowledge to get you full compensation and help you remain stress-free throughout the trial. Once you start working with your new attorney, you will start to find more peace in your life as you can sit back and wait for them to work out all the fine details without you. No one wants to run around stressing out after an injury and by hiring an attorney, you are able to avoid a majority of stress with your court proceedings.…

Reasons to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Joliet


An auto accident lawyer deals with cases of vehicle accidents. In case a client is charged with an auto accident matter, he is represented in the court by an auto accident lawyer. Cases concerning car accidents are severe that one may be charged even with murder. Therefore, it is a great idea to hire competent lawyers with the experience to deal with such issues.

Before hiring an auto accident attorney, you should do thorough research on his competence. He should be hardworking and sincere. As well, he should be an excellent communicator with proper research and analysis skills. A lawyer with excellent negotiation skills is the best when it comes to settling the case off-court. Notably, injury cases are very critical. Therefore, one must hire a highly skilled attorney who has handled similar cases in the past.

The Services Offered by a Competent Auto Accident Attorneys in Joliet IL

An auto accident lawyer joliet il is hired to perform several actions. First, he calculates both the economic and non-economic damages suffered by a client. Damage calculations enlighten a client about the density of the accident and the rules about crashes. Similarly, it enables them to know what manner of compensation may be accredited to the injury. The lawyer also elaborates the due process of filing a case or tabling a negotiation with the defendant.

Subsequently, auto accident lawyers negotiate deals. Many insurance companies offer reasonable compensation in exchange for dropping the lawsuits against them. Therefore, hiring a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company can lead to better compensation. A great lawyer understands the ideal information to provide to insurance companies for increased chances of approval.

Furthermore, the attorney provides adequate legal representation. If a settlement cannot be agreed upon by the parties involved, they should engage an attorney. Notably, for a successful court trial, open communication and trust are vital. Also, the lawyer is supposed to update the client on every progress of the case. He should also help the client understand all the settlement options.

Additionally, auto accident lawyers perform investigations. Hiring an attorney with knowledge and experience to conduct the legal process on your behalf can be promising. Proper research leads to a better settlement for the victims. Lawyers understand how to properly evaluate the medical documentation of the clients to ensure that they receive compensation. An attorney works together with the medical officer in charge of his client’s treatment. By doing this, he can collect all medical records that will be used as evidence in the court of law. Thus, it is crucial to involve an attorney immediately an accident takes place.

In conclusion, accidents can happen to anyone and at any time. If it happens, hiring an excellent attorney to perform the above functions on your behalf can lead to better compensation. People who have attempted to get benefit by themselves end up receiving lower amounts of compensation. With the help of an attorney, the above can be performed without any inconvenience.…

Handling an Accident with a Lawyer

Getting into any sort of accident can be scary because of all the time and money you can end up wasting if you get injured. Many people try to find any accident lawyer long island so they can get money to compensate for all of what they lost during an accident. Consider all of these reasons on why you should get an accident lawyer if something happens to you.


Whether you’re sitting in your house or just walking down the street, you’ll have property on or around you whether it’s your actual house, furniture, or the phone in your pocket. If you get an accident, chances are that property will be damaged to the point in which it needs to be replaced. Getting an accident lawyer means that they will be able to sue whoever was responsible for the accident so you can get money back that will pay for you replace your property. While some might think of what they had on them just a small part of getting in an accident, it’s important to get an accident lawyer because you shouldn’t have to pay any of your own money for getting in an accident.


Getting injured from an accident means that you will probably be paying a lot for medical bills, especially if you live somewhere like the United States. Depending on the incident, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars because of a hospital treating you and overnight stays if you had to stick around to be taken care of or waited for surgery. By hiring an accident lawyer, you can make sure that you aren’t stuck with your medical bills for the rest of your life that can ruin your credit score and savings.


When you get in an accident, not only will you be losing money from paying hospital bills and broken property, but for all of the missed time, you could have been spending at work. Chances are that if you get in a bad accident, you could potentially be missing weeks of work meaning that you aren’t getting paid. It’s important you hire an accident lawyer as they can get you reimbursed for all of the money you missed by not working. You’ll want the money as you need to make for the savings you dipped into to pay for everything related to the accident along with normal living expenses. Make sure that you call an accident lawyer to get your time reimbursed.


Getting in an accident is scary as you might not know right away how injured you are and how much money you are going to end up losing for the whole scenario. However, calling an accident lawyer will let you fix all of the money issues that come with an accident. Ensure that you or a family member calls an accident lawyer immediately after an accident so you can get the money that you deserve.…