Navigating the Legal System

Finding out your loved one has been arrested is sometimes hard to grasp. Without any experience in the situation, you may be confused and stressed over what to do and where to turn. There are no easy solutions to facing a trial, but here are some steps you can take to be prepared for whatever happens.

Find Out About Release

After an individual is arrested, they will be taken to a local or country jail. At the time of their booking, they are generally given the option to post bail and avoid spending time in jail until the results of the trial. The Allegheny County Jail bail bonds process can take place once a bail amount is set. The bail amount due is a percentage of the total bond amount that has been established by the charge. Release usually occurs within two hours of processing the paperwork.

Follow Release Restrictions

If you have posted bail for your loved one, there may be stipulations associated with their release. There may be a tracking or monitoring device, there might be driving and travel restrictions, and there may be mandatory check-ins for the defendant. Check with the bondsman about any requirements so the bail isn’t forfeited and revoked. This could lead to another arrest warrant, and create more legal issues and longer sentence.

Retain Legal Counsel

Chances are you will need a lawyer for the upcoming trial. If you or the defendant do not have the funds to retain private counsel, you can petition the court for a public defender. It is their job to assume control of the case, but you can work with them by providing all documentation necessary and attending each hearing. Stay aware of the proceedings and confer with counsel about the best options for resolving the case.

It won’t be easy navigating an arrest and the legal system, but there are times when you have no choice in order to support your loved one. Stay calm and reach out to professionals who can help you make it through the process.