Tokyo Olympics: 10 interesting facts to know about Japan as the Games begin

Following a topsy-turvy 2020, the postponed Tokyo, japan Olympic games are actually finally going ahead.

Japan has already established a lengthy history using the Olympics It’s the only Asian country for hosting the Summer time Games two times in the history.

Here are some Olympic trivia to obtain in to the sporting spirit as listed by

1) Hotter climate

The very first Olympics in Tokyo, japan required devote 1964. The Games then were locked in October once the weather was more favourable when compared to This summer-August period once the city is much more damp and hot.

2) Olympic games enter Asia

The 1964 Summer time Olympic games in Tokyo, japan marked the initial Games locked in Asia. The Tokyo, japan 2020 Games would be the 4th Olympic games locked in Japan – this will make Tokyo, japan the only real Asian city for hosting the Summer time Games two times.

3) The Second World War swallows 1940 Olympic games

In 1936, Tokyo, japan was promoted because the host for that 1940 Olympic games however it was rescheduled because of The Second World War. The Games were ultimately abandoned.

4) Four new sports

Four new Olympic sports can make their debut in the Tokyo, japan 2020 Games: karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing. Baseball and softball, that have been absent in the Olympic games since 2008, are earning a comeback only at that year’s Games.

5) Japan’s 47 prefectures along with a stadium just like a living tree

The stadium features wood on the outside and interior. Being an ode to Japan, the wood is sourced coming from all Japan’s 47 prefectures. The architect has described the dwelling like a ‘living tree’, built in ways to increase the breeze flowing with the stadium to be able to depend less on ac.

6) Recyclable products

Products for example podiums, uniforms and medals are produced from recycled materials. The beds in the Olympic Village are manufactured from card board, which is recycled following the Games.

7) Medals from disused electronics

Individuals Japan were requested to give their disused electronics for example cell phones to lead to producing the Olympic games and Paralympics medals.

8) Torch and Trains

The torch employed for the Tokyo, japan Olympic Torch Relay resembles cherry blossoms – a famous indication of Japan. The relay started in March this season to coincide using the cherry blossom season and it has travelled all over Japan. The torch is made of just one sheet of metal utilizing the same advanced technology that creates the shinkansen trains.

9) Mascots by students

The Olympic and Paralympic mascots were selected by 16,769 grade school children who voted on their own favourite designs. The Olympic mascot, referred to as Miraitowa, was created using the classic Japanese indigo blue. The Paralympic mascot, however, is called Someity, featuring exactly the same pink as Japan’s famous cherry blossoms.

10) Number of medals

During the period of 22 Summer time Olympic games, Japan has won 439 medals, including 41 in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Games, that was the greatest medal count for that country to date. From the 41 medals, 12 were gold, setting another record high for Japan. However, Japan has won just 58 medals as a whole all previous Winter Games.

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