Top Reasons To Hire A Trademark Attorney

Whenever someone mentions the word attorney/lawyer, the first thing that comes to the minds of many are well-dressed men and women, driving flashy cars and facing each other aggressively in court. While there is some degree of truth in their imagination, it is essential to keep in mind there are well dressed, highly qualified attorneys who never hit the courtroom. Such attorneys are what your business needs most. An excellent example of attorneys in this category are trademark lawyers. Here is all you need to know about them and how they can be of great benefit for your business

Who is a trademark attorney?


Just as the name suggests, this is an attorney who practices trademark law. An attorney practicing in this realm offers advice regarding the adoption and selection of new trademarks, the use, and registration, as well as handles revocation, oppositions, and invalidations of trademarks.

How can a trademark attorney help you?


The trademark process is usually long and quite confusing. Hiring any minneapolis mn trademark attorney trademark attorney can help you go through the process with ease by helping you navigate the complicated process.

It is, however, essential to note that you can handle the process yourself. You do not need an attorney to help you with the process as you can always apply online. Nevertheless, while managing the process will help you save money, the chances of getting your trademark approved are quite low.

Helps with a trademark search

There are thousands of businesses opening daily. Most of the entrepreneurs behind these new entities often go the extra mile of trademarking their businesses. This means that another ambitious entrepreneur might have already trademarked an idea you had in mind.

Having an attorney while you go through the process is a good idea as he/she will search to confirm whether you can still use your trademark. This saves you the time and headache you would have gone through after applying for a logo that is already in use.


Helps you in case you are sued or you want to sue


As noted, there are millions of trademarks made every day. Just like you would have made the mistake of using someone’s trademark unknowingly, so can another person. Instead of dealing with the issue yourself, you can request your trademark attorney to act and handle the issue the legal way.

On the other hand, you can find yourself being accused of infringing someone’s trademark. Here an attorney comes in handy as he/she represents you and works in your best interests hence preventing such scenarios from tarnishing the name of your business.

Deals with USPTO

As mentioned earlier, filing a trademark application is easy, but getting it to be approved is no walk in the park. When you submit it with your attorney, you not only stand high chances of getting approval but also you have someone to respond to USPTO if your request is denied.